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For doctors in crisis or for those wanting to speak with a DHASWA doctor: (08) 9321 3098 – 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

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Independent, confidential help for doctors by doctors Professional guidance for yourself or a colleague in times of personal need

Personal Health Resources for Doctors, Medical Students and their families in WA

Services and assistance for doctors and medical students are available from a variety of sources in WA. Refer to our Resources list to find out more .


Unsure about where to go for help with personal or health problems?

DHASWA provides a confidential, 24 hour/7 day a week support line and referral system for doctors and medical students in crisis, or not sure where to go for help with personal or health problems. DHASWA can be utilized by the person themselves, or by a concerned family member, friend, colleague or staff member.


Research has shown that only 30-40% of doctors have their own general practitioner.

Doctors face unique barriers to accessing health care and often do not have a regular treating doctor, and are at greater risk of mental health issues and substance use problems. The Doctor’s Health Advisory Service of Western Australia (DHAS WA) is experienced in the unique health needs of doctors, and has important skills in the area of doctor-patient care.